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Book Review of "Hill House Manor – 13 Ghost Stories", by Linda Anthony Hill

Hill House Manor – 13 Ghost Stories by Linda Anthony Hill is a book of ominous tales of the paranormal that'll have you looking over your shoulder to make sure you're actually alone. These are Ghost Stories written by the owner of an actual haunted house in Texas that bears the same name as her book. Her hair-raising ghost stories are meant to thrill and ensnare you. Hill's narratives of hauntings were written for spooky-story connoisseurs who want eloquent, elegantly written tales that ring true.
Step into Hill's world of cursed homes, creepy clowns, friendly spirits, angry ghosts, and other ghoulish things. Just beware, the characters lurking within the book's pages are often nightmarish and might just give you…a fright in the night. Although this is a book of short ghost stories, none of them become gory to the extreme – they instead create a sense of eeriness, existential dread, and surprise as you become aware of the pervasive supernatural entities haunting the…
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Book Review of "Retire not Expire", by J. L. Edwards

Retire not Expire by J. L. Edwards is a true guidebook for anyone who anticipates being around to retire sometime in the future.  It is a well-written book with great insight into today's often complicated world of investments.  This short but insightful book is a friendly/casual read, not dry at all—like many similar books. There are real experience examples—many of which seem quite familiar—that will help you focus on a map to help navigate to your retirement.  The book offers a very balanced, simplistic no-frills approach to reaching your retirement objectives. The book's goal is not just helping you have the cash to live on in retirement, but the planning to have the life that you have dreamed and imagined. It is a book filled with wisdom on making the choices that are best to optimize your future retirement.
Retire not Expire will give you insights and confidence to start your retirement journey. Don't delay. Spend some time putting your retirement plan in place. Learn…

Book Review of "The Green House", by Dan Lawton

The Green House by Dan Lawton is a novella that chronicles the life of Girard Remington, an elderly Mathematics professor struggling with his guilt from his feeling of responsibility for an accident that took the life of someone dear to him. The story, told in the third person, recounts a transformative event that happened to Girard, which shattered his everyday regimen and became the catalyst that brought clarity and reconciliation to his life.
Girard Remington had built a fabulous Greenhouse and became a dedicated gardener. The greenhouse and its beautiful flowers provided him solace from the mental issues he struggled with.  It became his refuge whenever he felt overwrought from the deadly event that made him feel emotionally empty. It was a place of beauty and quiet that soothe the everlasting guilt that ate at him for what he had allowed to happen many years before. An event that led to a death and also the alienation of his daughter, Stacey. It was his love of alcohol that precip…

Penncraft Awards Anounce the 2020 Winners

Congratulations to our 2020 Pencraft Award Winners!
Book of The Year Winner for 2020The Winter Sisters by Tim Westover, Published by QW Publishers

Non-Fiction and Fiction Book of the Year winnersNonFiction - No More Dodging Bullets: A Memoir about Faith, Love, Lessons, and Growth by Amy Herrig, Published by Inspired Forever Books
Fiction - Woman in Red: Magdalene Speaks by Krishna Rose, Published by Black Rose WritingFirst Place WinnersFiction - Young Adult Fantasy Myths & Legends: Inviting the Moon to Supper by CJ Clark
Fiction - Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Some Laneys Died by Brooke Skipstone
Fiction - Romance - Contemporary: The OCD Games: A Christmas Romance Novella by Kayla Krantz
Nonfiction - Travel Adventure: Catamaran Crossing: A Sailing Adventure from La Coruna to Antigua by Douglas Carl Fricke
Nonfiction - Self Help: Anxious for Answers. by Ilene S. Cohen, Ph.D.
Nonfiction - Retirement: Retire Not Expire . . . Plan Your Transition by J. L. Edwards
Nonfiction - Music/Ent.: Count…

New Album of Pictures from the 2019 PenCraft Awards Ceremony Held at the Golden Nugget Casino.

Last year the PenCraft Awards ceremony was held in the beautiful Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino. All of the major winners were able to attend and participate in the event. Our guest of honor was World War II veteran & POW, Gene Metcalfe. He was the subject of author, Marcus A. Nannini's book, Left For Dead at Nijmegen, a fascinating true story about Gene Metcalfe's life and his experience as a prisoner of the Nazis.
The generosity of Mike Fuljenz, The Golden Nugget Casino, Book Nook Inn and the Chamber of Commerce of Lumberton, TX insured that the Metcalfes were taken care of gratuitously in appreciation of Gene's sacrifices as a POW. With the help of these gracious patrons, free transportation, lodging and a royal welcome were provided.  We included a couple pictures of Gene being welcomed at the Book Nook Inn and by Mike Fuljenz and his room at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.

See more pictures from the 2019 Pencraft Awards Ceremony.

Without Reviews Your Book Is Like A Grain of Sand in the Desert. The number one reason is that reviews help you and your book get discovered.

Over 85% of all readers rely heavily on book reviews to help in their buying decisions.

For most authors, reviews are the primary way of marketing their book.

For potential buyers of your book, your reviews help readers decide if they want to spend their money and time to read your book or not.

If a person searches for your book online, you'll want them to quickly be able to find numerous reviews or articles about you and your book. It’s comforting to a reader to see your book is important enough to be indexed by Google and Bing.

For many readers, a lack of reviews online would be a major factor in their buying decisions.

Zero book reviews indicate a book not being seriously promoted or promoted to the wrong audience,

More internet listings on the web about your book and you as an author helps in the discovery of your work and shows potential reader…

Book Review of "The Secret of Plants in the Environment", by Rishikesh Upadhyay

The Secret of Plants in the Environment, by Rishikesh Upadhyay, is a scientific nonfiction read. The author has compiled a great deal of research concerning various stressors that impact plants in the environment. Upadhyay's work is of particular interest to environmentalists, outdoor and nature enthusiasts, and botanists; the book includes extensive references.
The author's study of plants is a scientific look at the various effects and impact of environmental stressors on crops, individual plant species, and the natural environment. He states that "the quality of our life depends on the quality of the surrounding environment."  Plants develop specific adaptations to deal with stressors that affect the plants' ability to process photosynthesis, grow, and produce fruit. The author explains different studies and gives examples of the effects of pollution from the automobile industry, as well as plant responses to electric stimuli, heavy metals, and other chemical a…